About Us



Cross Mountain Mission exists to Restore Hope and Build Futures in Forgotten Places. We work in some of the most poverty-stricken communities in Nicaragua, which is the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Our heart is to equip these people who live in extreme poverty to break the destructive cycle that is currently keeping them from God's purpose in their lives. This is accomplished through a holistic approach. We believe that poverty spans physical, social, mental and spiritual dimensions. We strive to alleviate these by working with local, rural pastors. After we have built a relationship with a pastor, we work toward establishing discipleship training for both the pastor and his church leadership. Through these relationships with the rural church, a Legacy Center is born. A Legacy Center uses holistic child development to combat the four areas of poverty. We believe Compassion International explains it best:

"The word holistic means a comprehensive understanding, a connection of all the parts to make one cohesive unit. A child's development does not have one single component. To become a well-balanced, mature adult, a child must develop academically, by increasing their intellectual knowledge; they must develop physically, by taking care of their body and health; they must develop emotionally, by learning how to develop meaningful relationships and values; and they must develop spiritually, growing in their relationship with God. Child development programs that focus on only one of these areas neglects the other components of a child's life, preventing them from living the full life that God wants for them. Holistic Child Development addresses all aspects of the child's development, not just one part. By guiding children through a program that develops them intellectually, physically, socio-emotionally, and spiritually, we give them the best opportunities to overcome the obstacles in their past and achieve all that God has in store for their lives. That is the power of Holistic Child Development."

That is why we use Compassion International Core Curriculum for Holistic Child Development in our Legacy Centers. If we can reach the children in a community, we believe our chances of reaching the adults increase. This is not a short-term approach, and there are no short-term answers. Consistency, perseverance and following God's direction will help these communities break cycles and create legacies for years to come.